“I want to be a part of it”

‘That’s the incredible part about your dreams. Nobody gets to tell you how big they can be.’- Rachel Hollis, author of “Girl, Wash Your Face.”

I recently started reading Rachel’s book and it could not be more timely. I know it is wildly popular, but I swear she wrote it just for me. Rachel is the kind of person who inspires you to live your best life, embrace your failures as much as your successes, and never take ‘no’ for an answer, at least when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Her book has become my life mantra as my family and I prepare to uproot our lives in the Midwest and head to the Big Apple.

A handful of our closest friends and a few family members know it has been a long time dream of mine and Brett’s to live in New York City. We’ve talked about it since we got married in 2010. It’s somewhat rare that we share this dream, since living in NYC can be such a thrill to some and a complete nightmare for others, even within a couple. Brett and I both have this inexplicable love for the city that never sleeps. Maybe it’s the energy, maybe it’s the challenge of it being so different than any place we’ve ever lived, or maybe we’ve just watched too many Romcom scenes filmed in Central Park, but regardless, we have always wanted to ‘be a part of it’ (pun intended- hence the blog title). We also knew this dream may never happen when we had our first child in 2015, but we still kept up our casual job pursuit alive whenever we found opportunities that interested us. When we found out we were expecting our second child in February, 2017, Brett said to me ‘we can’t let having another kid make us give up on our NYC dream, even if it goes on hold’ (this, of course, was after the initial shock and excitement of being 2nd time parents wore off a bit).  I remember thinking, ‘Sure, babe, I’ll go along with that but I doubt this is ever going to happen now.’ I think we both kind of felt that way because we moved on with our perfectly fine life in Kansas City.

Fast forward to today. It has been a year since we sold our bungalow and bought a bigger house in the Brookside area of KC that we love. We now have a 3 year old, an 8 month old (what!) and a pup who finally has a yard to run around in. And what are we doing? Going back to living in a small space with no yard, AND an additional tiny human.  I know, we must be crazy. We always said we would not move to NYC unless it was the right opportunity though, and now that opportunity has come. I have the chance to grow my career while our family gets to have the experience of a life time. Brett has some great job prospects too. That said, we adore Kansas City and we know we will be back.

Naturally, some family and friends can’t understand this dream of ours and have asked ‘why now?’ To us, however, the question is ‘why not?’ Our kids are not yet school age and will be able to adjust to a new place, living with less space, and a new lifestyle more easily now than they would be when they are older. When I got the job offer, we made the Pros and Cons list of going to NYC. One simple con of not going outweighed all others- the WHAT IF question. We could not get over the fact that 20 years from now we knew in our hearts we would still wonder ‘what if we had lived in NYC when we had the chance while the kids were young?’ After days and nights of analyzing, talking, and praying, and then analyzing, talking and praying some more, we knew we had to take this leap of faith.
So here we are, in a whirlwind of emotions as we quit our jobs, move away from our family and many friends (thankfully we have some in NYC too!) sell one of our cars and prepare for this crazy ride. It’s exciting and terrifying. We don’t have all the answers but are figuring them out together. Brett and I are fortunate to have our parents as examples of unconditional love and support for when Ben and Bella grow up and tell us they are pursuing their dreams that may make us go, ‘you are doing what?!’

We look forward to posting more about our adventure if you care to follow along. Please let us know if you are in the NYC area or want to come visit! For you KC folks, the BBQ doesn’t hold a candle to what you are used to, but the pizza doesn’t disappoint.


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