A lot has happened since I last posted. Just to name a few things- Brett started his job, the kids started at their new school, we’ve had a few visitors, and we stumbled upon a giant street fair on 8th Avenue yesterday afternoon while both kids were napping (at the same time! 🙌🏻) Brett and I have even squeezed in a couple of date nights. Moving from the Midwest to the biggest city in America has definitely given us a lot of perspective. For example, while it may require a bit more coordination to navigate the subway with a double stroller, we can’t imagine how difficult it can be for someone with physical disabilities, especially when the elevators aren’t working, the subway routes change on weekends and trains don’t always stop where you expect them to, or stations are closed altogether for one reason or another. While we can manage a couple flights of stairs (Ben walks with me, Brett folds up the stroller and I carry Bella) people in wheelchairs don’t have it so easy. We also have learned what it feels like for people to try and rush in front of you for a spot on the train or roll their eyes when you are trying to squeeze into a corner and occupy as little space as humanly possible with the beast that is the double wide. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often and people are generally very helpful and accommodating, and we don’t take the stroller on the train during peak hours. But it still bothers me. Partly because I care too much sometimes and partly because it is just annoying- we have just as much of a right to take the subway with our two children (one that is usually sleeping) as any big tourist group that is probably more of a nuisance trying to figure out what they are doing, if we’re being honest. Instead of letting these occasional irritating reactions at the presence of our double stroller get under my skin too much, however, I’ve chosen to be extra mindful of things like not blocking the curb ramp on sidewalks in case someone in a wheelchair needs it, helping other parents with young kids/strollers out (we’re all in this together after all!) and just being more observant when entering and exiting elevators.

Another thing that has given both of us perspective is how much we can let the moods of our kids (and by kids I mostly mean the 3 y/o who is adjusting to a huge transition in his life) affect our overall demeanor. We’ve had our share of trying days with Ben since moving here, but we constantly have to remind ourselves and each other to step in Ben’s shoes and try to process all the big, new, exciting and scary things he is experiencing. He went from riding with mom every day in car to the same school for 3 years to being home with me, grandparents, babysitters, aunts, cousins and dad in 3 different cities for two months before getting on a one way flight to a new place 1000 miles away from everything he has ever known. He has started a brand new school, which seems to be a good fit (time will tell of course) and now shares a room with his baby sister who is more of an early riser than he is 😉. He has had to learn he can’t be too loud since we live in an apartment and the ‘tower police’ (as we refer to the friendly front desk staff- I know, may seem cruel but sometimes you’re desperate as a parent) will ask us to leave if we get too many warnings. We’re learning patience in a big way right now, but we’re also learning to consider his perspective and not let the outbursts ruin our day or night. Sometimes that is easier said than done, of course, but we’re trying.We have definitely had a lot of fun the past couple of weeks too- going to see the Statue of ‘Wiberty’ (as Ben says), the Central Park Zoo and other fun parts of the park, more playgrounds and enjoying our building’s rooftop terrace. At the street fair yesterday we found a poster Brett has been wanting for awhile- Saul Steinberg’s ‘View of the World from 9th Avenue’ that appeared on the cover of The New Yorker in 1976. We were pretty pumped to find a cheap framed version for $25 and already hung it up. Talk about perspective. We love it because it depicts Kansas City in some far off field of nothingness, which I suppose is what some lifelong New Yorkers may think it is. One person at work made a ‘Wizard of Oz’ joke about not being in Kansas any more when I mentioned where I moved from, to which I just laughed and then explained how we are from the MISSOURI side, even though I think my clarification fell on deaf ears 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂. A die-hard Mizzou fan, Brett is always quick to clarify which side of the KC state line we call home; I’ve learned it’s not always worth the trouble explaining (he vehemently disagrees of course). Guess we have different perspectives on that. 😉

Here are a few pics from the past 2 weeks if you haven’t already seen them on social media.

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