Settling In

I hope I don’t jinx anything by saying this, but we’re finally starting to feel more settled in NYC. It’s been over a month at Ben’s new school and he’s adjusting well and making friends. We had a blast on his first ‘field trip’ together to a local theatre last week and I got to meet a couple of fellow preschool moms (side note- I feel like I’m dating potential mom/family friends as I try to feel them out and determine our ‘compatibility’ 😂) Our nanny is working out great and the kiddos have pretty much gotten used to our new normal. It’s also getting colder (and SO windy!) as fall has quickly come and gone and winter is looming. Apparently winter has already arrived back home as KC has had snow a couple of times now! Crazy! I’m hoping we have at least another week or so sans the white stuff here since we are out in the elements way more for day to day life, but unfortunately the forecast doesn’t look reassuring. 🤦🏻‍♀️

To prepare for the cold months, we’ve bought a weather cover for the double stroller and the kids have hats, gloves, thick coats and snow boots (well, at least Ben has snow boots- Bella probably won’t be walking in the snow much even though I’m sure she’ll want to try, home girl doesn’t like sitting still 😂). We’ve also found a pair of thick waterproof gloves that remain attached to the stroller and a stroller sleeping bag muff that we want to get, as well as a snowsuit thing for Bella. We have already learned we have to be extra prepared for Old Man Winter in these parts- our kids have made it pretty clear they do NOT like being cold!

Speaking of winter, this weekend we went to the Winter Village in Bryant Park. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve never been one to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but now I’m totally in the spirit and dying to get out the one box of Christmas decorations Brett let me bring to New York. I have a LOT of stuff in storage back home- it was so hard to choose! It will be like my own little Christmas to see all of my decorations when we have the space again! Oh the things you take advantage of when you have more than 800 square feet 😉

The trade off for a big tree and lots of decorations though is that New York is pretty magical during the holiday season (and it’s barely begun!) There is so much to do, we’ve started a list of things we want to prioritize for each weekend leading up to the New Year, especially when we have family in town. Personally, I CANNOT WAIT to see the balloons being inflated the night before the Macy’s parade, the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall on Thanksgiving weekend and the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center next month. I’m also excited to take the kids to various (free!) holiday events around the city – who knew there were so many! Pictures to come as we get out there (in all of our winter gear of course 😉) and explore the Big Apple during the most wonderful time of the year!🎄🎄❄️

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