Fa la la la la

The holiday season is in full swing in NYC, and I can’t lie- it’s pretty incredible. Like most places these days, the city basically goes from Halloween to Christmas overnight, but in NYC the transition pretty much has to happen quickly because with so many holiday traditions and events here, there are not enough weekends to fit everything in before the new year! If you have read one of my previous posts or seen anything I’ve posted on Instagram or Facebook lately, you can tell we have kept pretty busy exploring all the fun things the big 🍎has to offer this time of year. I’ve shared a few pictures below as well.

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to visit my parents and sister in Little Rock over a long weekend to give Brett and his brother Scott some time here sans kiddos around. Scott came to NYC for a country concert and they had a fun time (once he finally got here after hours of flight delays!). Speaking of airport/airplane fun, my flights with the kids (connecting both ways because there are maybe two airlines with direct flights to LR from any NYC airport 🤦🏻‍♀️), were about a 4 or *maybe* a 5 on a scale of 10. When they were both content (aka one or both asleep and the other one entertained for more than 2 seconds) life was good. But of course that couldn’t happen the entire time on 4 flights, and I was outnumbered. And they knew it. Needless to say that while the weekend at my parents’, which was somewhat of a surprise for my mom, was great, I definitely won’t fly solo with both of them any time soon! Lesson learned that no amount of preparation can guarantee anything about that situation will go smoothly (duh).

It was great to see both mine and Brett’s brothers last month and we can’t wait for both sets of parents to visit this month! There really is nothing better than seeing family, especially when you don’t get to all the time. You soak it up and make the most of your time together. We had a great few days with my brother John and he captured some wonderful family photos for us in Central Park, along with some other photos here and there that I shared on Facebook. Shameless plug (unbeknownst to John)- if you are in the OKC area, contact jgrammedia for all your photography/videography/business marketing needs! I’m biased, I know, but he is the best. He’s also the most positive person Brett and I know because he hilariously documented his 16 hour flight delay while trying to get home to Oklahoma and being trapped at Newark airport on Instagram. It was quite entertaining.

Hopefully our parents don’t have flight issues as Brett’s are coming later this week! We’re taking them with us to see Santa at Macy’s, and I may be more excited about ‘Santaland’ than the kids are. Same thing happened when we went to see the Thanksgiving Day parade balloons the night before the parade, but Ben still thought it was pretty cool to see Chase from ‘Paw Patrol’ up close before watching the parade on TV the next day. Yes, we live within walking distance of Macy’s and where the broadcast happens, but no, we decided not to brave the gigantic crowds for the coldest Thanksgiving parade on record with a pre schooler and a toddler. Maybe next year 😂

We bought our first real Christmas tree this weekend, and rather than wait to have it delivered, Brett offered to lug it home on the subway from the West Village after we went to a tree lighting. It was pretty comical, but he was a good sport about it. In the one box of holiday decorations I was allowed to bring from KC (see the last post), I didn’t get to bring a ton of ornaments, so the tree is still a work in progress. Don’t worry though, those of you who know me know I’m quite bummed I didn’t get to bring all of my actual Nutcrackers to NYC, but you better believe I brought all the Nutcracker ornaments I’ve collected over the years 😉

Here are a few photos of some holiday fun we’ve had so far- including the Rockettes, Winter ‘Onederland’ at 1 WTC, Thanksgiving Parade balloons, and a few more!

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