Happy 2019!

We’re almost a week into 2019 and it’s hard to believe I started my job in NYC exactly 6 months ago. Time really does fly. Last weekend Brett and I had a date day/night (thanks again Mom and Dad for watching the kids while you were here!) and we talked about what has been easier living in NYC and what has been harder now that we are five months in. The short list is-

Easier things:

  1. Getting out with the kids, even in the winter/gross weather. This may be surprising to some, but not having to load and unload kids in and out of car seats makes it easier to get out of the house….err, apartment. In KC we would not have bought the stroller gear necessary to walk around in cold or rainy weather, but here, we can barely go a day without getting out or we lose.our.minds (Kids included). This was often the case in KC for us too, so we would go for a drive or venture to Target/Ward Parkway Mall in the winter just to get out of the house for a little bit on days we were bored. We are still figuring out the best indoor activities to do with the kids in NYC on winter days, but an interactive music class ‘Mozart for Munckins’ yesterday in the West Village was actually kind of fun. Kidpass seems to be a promising way to learn about activities and meet some young families, so I’m hopeful!
  2. Household chores. Cleaning an 800ish square foot apartment, while still difficult to do with two young kids, is much easier than a 4 bedroom house. We’ve decided to save the $ on a housekeeper here (because we’d also have to board hoop during cleanings-he’d go nuts even in his kennel 🤦🏻‍♀️), so I try to keep up with cleaning when I can on weekends, and Brett can help more since he doesn’t work weekend PRN shifts and doesn’t have any outside chores to do. The latter is something he definitely misses, as he loves his yard work and it’s a bit of an ‘escape’ for him. But I certainly appreciate the help 😉. Our nanny is also a huge help keeping the apartment tidy during the week.
  3. Ordering food and household supplies, because literally EVERYTHING can be delivered here. I know that’s becoming easier elsewhere so maybe we have just been using delivery more frequently in this phase of life, but even Trader Joe’s delivers in NYC and it’s magical. [Note: you still have to do your shopping in the store and sometimes the line is wrapped around the entire store during busy times so you just enter the store and ship while in line], but another thing about NYC TJ’s is that it’s incredibly efficient. Same for Whole Foods. The big chain grocery stores really know their stuff here 👊🏼.

Harder things:

Pretty much everything else 😂.

Ok, maybe not everything- but a couple of key things are definitely more difficult.

1. Commuting by foot and train for a mile to school every day is not always smooth or easy with a 3 year old. Ben does pretty well most days and I take the umbrella stroller when I can tell he is tired (which I then have to drag to my office too), but we’ve still had more than a few cab rides in some desperate moments. Brett’s commute to and from Long Island, while kidless, is long- 75 min in the mornings and 90 or more on the way home by foot, train, and work shuttle ride. It’s a far cry from his 10-15 minute commute to Children’s Mercy without even getting on a highway back in KC, that’s for sure.

2. The kids sharing a room, while easier than we thought, still has its challenges. Both of our kids are pretty sound sleepers, but they have slightly different bedtimes so we have to be careful not to wake Bella when Ben crawls into bed.

We had a wonderful holiday season enjoying many things NYC has to offer and having our families come visit. We avoided some of the major large crowd events like the Thanksgiving parade, Rockefeller Tree Lighting and NYE at Times Square (no desire to do that last one frankly!) because all of those seemed like they would be way more fun with an indoor view overlooking the chaos than being in it, especially in bad weather with a 3.5 and a 1 year old. We still went to see the Rockefeller tree and the Winter Village at Bryant Park (which actually has the bigger ice skating rink!) twice, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes as I shared in my last post, visited Santa at Macy’s at Herald Square, the holiday village at Union Square, and many more. Our date last Sunday at the NYC ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’ was the perfect end to the holiday season. Brett and I had gone to the KC Ballet’s production 9 years in a row so it became a holiday tradition for us, and one that I cherish. I actually noticed many similarities between the KC Ballet and NYC Ballet productions, which shows how high the caliber is of both companies.

After the ballet we went to Blondie’s sports bar on the Upper West Side, which we just happened to find on Google Maps trying to find a place showing the Chiefs game. It was so much fun. Tons of football fans from all NFL teams cheering on their teams, different games showing on all the TVs lining the dining rooms and bar, and, best of all, fellow KC folks! The owner sat us next to a group of Chiefs fans who has been sitting in the same booth for 14 years, so it was great to chat with them and celebrate the Chiefs win! It made NYC feel a little bit smaller 😉.

It’s also been fun to reconnect with high school and college friends here. Brett and my high school friend Kim bonded over cocktails when we met up with friends to round out our great date- see pics below the rest of our holiday pics are on Facebook).

As we start the new year we are looking forward to exploring more of NYC and being more ‘present.’ Cheers to 2019!

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