I’m having major deja vu today. Exactly one year ago to the day I had my in person interviews at Healthfirst. I had flown to NYC the day before and spent the afternoon and evening contemplating what it would be like to live here with my friend Hillery and her mom Nora (whom we cherish even more since moving here!) The two of them and Brett were the only people who knew I was here interviewing. I was still pumping, which takes a lot of coordination while traveling, not to mention adding 3 hours of interviewing in the mix, and I had to be in Baltimore for a work meeting the next day. I asked myself no less than 674 times what the hell I was doing and almost cancelled my interview right up until I boarded the plane.

I will never forget navigating the subway (the 6 line to be precise) from my friend Hill’s apartment on the Upper East Side down to the World Trade Center, breast pump, cooler of milk, and luggage all in tow. I walked out of the subway station, sweating bullets in my interview clothes but still proud of myself for crossing the first hurdle of the day, and looked up to see the Freedom Tower directly in front of me. I literally could not believe I was interviewing at the place I now call my office just one block away from the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the site of 9/11. It was surreal.

My interviews were tough, but I hadn’t felt as confident and excited about something as I did when I left the Healthfirst office that day. In my heart I knew that if I was offered the job, I had to take it. I managed to pump in the Healthfirst wellness room (where I also gave myself a pep talk so it was quite convenient!), finish my interviews and make it to Penn Station in time to board my train to Baltimore. It was a whirlwind and a truly unforgettable experience, one I’ll never regret doing.

Speaking of no regrets, we continue to feel the same way about moving here, even on the challenging days and even when we are tired or homesick. Brett is definitely better than me at keeping it all in perspective as an experience to embrace as much as possible, and for that I’m so thankful. My interviews here a year ago feel like a milestone for when this whole thing started, and we still can’t believe an entire year has passed.

We’ve had a couple other (more ordinary) milestones since my last post too.

Ben’s birthday:

Ben turned 4 on April 7th! He is no longer a toddler and it’s bittersweet for sure. We celebrated at school with a class party and with a couple of his friends from his class over the weekend. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum was a blast!

NYC Easter:

We celebrated our first Easter in NYC in true Adams family fashion, at the ballpark cheering on our favorite team- the Royals! They were in town playing a 4 game series against the Yankees. Brett and I got to go to a game with fellow Mizzou/KC friends thanks to Hillery and Nora who stepped in last minute when our sitter cancelled- see above about how much we cherish these two ladies! It was truly a great day that turned into a great night hanging out when our stand-in sitters stayed for drinks post the kids going to sleep 😊.

We took the kids to the game on Easter Sunday and the Easter bunny (who flies btw and don’t anyone dare tell Ben he doesn’t!) hid eggs on the rooftop of our building. Finally, I can’t forget Ben’s favorite memory of the weekend- staying at a hotel for the first time Thursday night of Easter weekend and going to the Long Island aquarium. Brett had a work project that week in Riverhead, LI (wayyyy out there if you are wondering) so I met him with the kids for a night. They had an absolute blast. The aquarium is incredible and seeing their joy made the short trip well worth it, but I wouldn’t take two small children on the evening commuter train from Manhattan to Long Island by myself ever again. At one point Ben even asked if we could put Bella in the overhead storage. 😉😬🤦🏻‍♀️

The last milestone is really crazy to think about, but last month marked 10 years since Brett and I got engaged! I can’t believe next summer we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. 2 houses, 2 kids and now 2 states later, and he’s still my #1!

We were so young (and rested)!

That’s all for now!

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