What a year!

It’s hard to believe this weekend marks one year since our entire family made the move to NYC. After a busy few weeks of apartment searching with vacation sprinkled in, we’ve decided that we are staying put for another year (both in NY and in our current apartment). We were hoping to find something a bit closer to Ben’s school in the coveted West Village neighborhood, a tall feat for sure with all of our requirements; 2 bedroom, not a total shoebox, thick enough walls to drown out kid noise, dishwasher, pet friendly, elevator, and ideally a bit less rent-wise or at least no broker fee. If you aren’t familiar with NYC broker fees, read this and be prepared to gasp πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰. It was a tough pill to swallow for us last summer, but at least we had a good broker who actually discounted his fee for us.

Just when we were ready to give up on our search we found something that was too good to be true- an apartment in a renovated elevator building (rare in the old pre-war buildings common in the West Village) that would be a 12 minute walk to Ben’s school and had 2 decent size bedrooms with high ceilings plus a loft area where the kids could play. Oh and the best part? Even with a broker’s fee it would save us about $600-$700/month in rent. The kitchen was absolutely TINY, but with all the great restaurants around and the minimal/basic cooking we do anyway these days (just being honest) we thought we could make it work. Like I said though, it was too good to be true. We found out right before applying that the landlord has a strict no pet policy, even after I made the case for Hoop. Sigh, just wasn’t in the cards.

Admittedly though, I think both Brett and I are a bit relieved we don’t have to change our address for the third summer in a row and we will continue to have that consistency in our lives since the past year has been such an adjustment. Plus moving is a huge pain, no matter how far you are going. Add 2 small humans in the mix and it can be chaos. So it’s nice we have a free weekend this weekend instead of scrambling to move. Maybe a day beach trip is in order!

Speaking of the beach, we love being close the ocean here, even the public beaches are novel to us coming from a land-locked state in the Midwest. The kids love taking the train to Long Beach and playing in the water and the sand all day. It isn’t always the most relaxing for Brett and I since they definitely keep us on our toes, especially Bella who has no fear running into the water πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ, but we still appreciate being able to do day trips to escape the city for a bit. See below for some pictures of a couple of beach trips so far this summer.

June was a busy month for us, with Brett and I both having birthdays, Ben finishing school and ‘graduating’ to 4 year old pre-kindergarten, celebrating 9 years of marriage, and the first half of vacation. I also had a great girls’ weekend here with two of my sweet high school friends. I have no idea how the end of July is already upon us and we’ve been in NYC for a full year. All 4 of us have grown in so many ways since we started this adventure a year ago. We’ve realized that experiencing new things is exciting, but also challenging and sometimes downright exhausting. Both the kids and Brett and I have felt very vulnerable at times for different reasons, and that’s never comfortable. Growing doesn’t happen in your comfort zone though. Part of the reason we embarked on this journey was to grow- as a family, as individuals, as professionals, and, for Brett and I, as a couple. We can definitely say we’ve had a big year of growth on all fronts! Bring on year 2!

Beach days!

Ben’s pre school graduation/’moving up’ ceremony

Other fun summer happenings:

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